Friday, May 7, 2010

Coulda, Shoulda, Woulda

Still feeling glib over our El Camino post that ran before Maine. The Magazine. (Birchwood Motel, so on the pulse!) Rockland is featured in their "48 hours in" section. So great. Seemed tumbleweeds blew down historic Main Street when we first arrived. Now vibrant, aliveRockland celebrates the best of Maine and remains a favorite local place to visit, stroll, dine, enjoy.

Urbanite roots foster our passion for finding the local latest greatest and sharing this with our guests. Lest Maine. The Magazine ever scoop us, here's a list of posts we had intended, but just didn't get to, in 2009:
supplier to top restaurants and the place to call for air-shipped seafood. Jess's...THE FRESHEST.
June marks the start of Gin & Tonic season – Sweetgrass Winery's Back River Gin or nothing!
Suzuki's Sushi Bar
Tableside pickles keep us busy during the short lunch wait at Morses'

Add those to your return list, Anthony Bourdain. Your first Maine visit is a charmer but you just scratched the itch. Next up – Common Ground Fair. Some lamb kabob, a little cardamom ginger ice cream, arts & crafts, music, ag fair stuff with a twist...this 32 year strong scene put the loco in locavore, being seriously into local, green and organic way before it was cool. Call us, Tony. (But maybe leave Zimmern at home.)
loofas are grown from a gourd...who knew?
Foodies, artists, outdoor enthusiasts and other kinds of hipsters know choosing the Birchwood means a comfy bed, a wicked clean room and waking up with change in your wallet so you can indulge in more of Midcoast. Our loverly view, light breakfast and good, strong locally-roasted coffee (fair-trade, organic!) included each morning is just a bonus.

Hey, Maine. The Magazine – don't get scooped's not too late to write us up!

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