Friday, March 26, 2010

Love at first bite

Fetching Eric from Portland Jetport yesterday offered the chance for some casual exploring and a good dinner out. Airport trips usually mean a return through Portland. But then I saw a feature on South Portland in the latest issue of Maine. The Magazine. Huh? You mean the stretch of strip malls and chain stores off I-95 always purposely avoided?

Really most of this trip took us through serene Cape Elizabeth. Monster well-kept homes, lovely parks, folks outfitted to perfection to project a "living the simple life" image. This was a pleasant drive with a few stops along the way at state oceanside parks.

But the trip highlight lay 30 minutes to the north – dinner at El Camino in Brunswick. Cal-Mex, if you need a description. To me, food this fresh, thoughtfully prepared and fairly priced should only be labeled sublime.

First stop Red's Dairy Freeze – Since 1952! (Ice cream is always the first stop of any decent trip.) We went because Maine. The Magazine told us to and because they uniquely offer 10 soft-serve flavors.

Coffee soft serve – fun to veer from classic twist

Burning off the cone at Crescent Beach State Park, Cape Elizabeth

Portland Head Light in the immaculate and peaceful Fort Williams Park, Cape Elizabeth

puppy paesan – mini Roxy meets a standard along the seashore dogwalk

Time warp: Dining Room or Lounge entrance? Your choice into El Camino. Half expected to see a cigarette machine.

Divine Papusas – thick, tamale-like corn tortillas, one filled with fresh cheese the other with chorizo. Topped with cabbage and indescribably toothsome green and red sauces. Photoshopped in the hearts to declare my love to all.


  1. Love this! Great pics, Jenny! Um...anyone try the delish desserts?? I would have gone for the Ancho Pot de Creme, but Coconut Flan too?! The only sane thing would be to share both.
    Also, add a tag for Maine Lighthouses here!!! Pimp the lighthouses, Jenny!

  2. I wish I was with you! Ki