Monday, July 12, 2010

Taking a bite out of summer

One of only four Birchwood cherries from 2010
© 2010 Iris Eichenlaub

My trusty digital camera is on the fritz. Images tend to inspire my writing so ... no photos, no posts. Lucky for me friends are willing to share. Iris sent me this snap (check out Unfurlingferns) taken in our backyard.

Other news from Birchwood Motel:
• Our green efforts are getting noticed. Birchwood Motel is now a certified Environmental Leader in Hospitality!
• FINALLY free WiFi is now available in ALL guest rooms. In past the sound-proofing between rooms made this difficult. Thanks Heriz-Smith for solving this problem in an economical fashion.
• 3 more lines were added to our solar dryer to accommodate our busy day linen turnover. Sheets dry in under an hour on sunny days. So wonderful!
• Noticeable evidence uncovered that others are following suit. Borax – usually in plentiful supply – is SOLD OUT at our local store for weeks now! Keep it up, Camden.

Busy days of summer are here.