Wednesday, May 5, 2010

A Love Note on Perseverance?

Happy Anniversary, Kimi and Pat. Twenty years ago the first of our close friends wed. Boy they were young but all knew it was a good match. Now time proves it.

Pear blossoms in honor of the bride
Kimi's post today to her husband, "Thanks for sticking it out with me." really resonates. For one, it echos my mother's steady lifelong refrain – "98% of life is just sticking it out." And lately – maybe it's the state of the world or maybe just midlife – I'm feeling we could all use a reminder to ride the wave because a lot of beauty can come from seeing things through.
Fedco apple began as a spindly little thing but look at her now!
Hoping for blooms next year.
My garden – where it is all about perseverance (remember 2009 and six weeks of rain?) – tells me this, too. Fruit trees planted a few years ago are blooming for the first time! The raspberries and blueberries look incredibly promising. Asparagus, always intended but never accomplished, is finally in. But it will be several years of love and care (and weeding and frustration) until there is any harvest.
Sweet as a peach, my Eric. Guess what his favorite fruit is?
Reliance, Maine grown, bears early. Fedco Trees
And what about my own dear husband and partner? Beyond his smile and friendly nature, there comes his incredible persistence. His favorite quote is "the race goes not only to the swift but to those who keep on running." Creating our own vision for Birchwood Motel is a thrilling path we follow together. Thank you my dear for always encouraging us to run on.
Fingers crossed. Raspberries coming back strong.
Eight varieties provide berries for continental breakfast.
And thanks, too, to our loyal guests. We are blessed and honored to share our beautiful spot in Camden, Maine with you. When you return each year or pass a kind word about staying here to another, it is the greatest of compliments.
So thanks, Kimi and Pat, Mom, family, our beautiful garden and our wonderful guests for reminding me of what's important.

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  1. So sweet. You are a great team! Looking forward to seeing the bounty of your garden this summer---hopefully tasting that bounty also!