Thursday, June 24, 2010

Kermit was wrong...

It is easy being green, at least Iris makes it seem that way.

Despite yesterday's rain folks came out for our "Green Your Laundry" event. Inspired by and led by the talented Iris Eichenlaub – author of "Creative Endeavors in a Busy Life" blog – the morning discussion was a lively exchange of ideas and a hands on demonstration of DIY laundry soap.

Iris in action – an honor for to have her speak at Birchwood Motel

grate 3- 4 oz. bars of Castile soap – many hands make light work

the happy innkeeper mixing up our Birchwood formula – join us on Facebook to get the recipe

double i. alert: my favorite item in her chemical-free household gift basket -a scouring pad hand knit from twine...oh that Iris!

Stay tuned for more green-inspired events and news from Birchwood Motel as our season progresses.

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Greening your laundry

Announcing Birchwood Motel's new solar dryer — ok, it's a clothesline, but a pretty unique one, huh? To celebrate our return to line drying — construction on the main house caused a 3 year hiatus – Birchwood Motel will offer a "Green Your Laundry" Workshop.
Blogger Iris E. – Creative Endeavors in a Busy Life — will lead the talk/demo at Birchwood on June 23 at 11am. Learn how to make your own laundry detergent, share ideas, save money and lighten your chemical load. All attendees may take a detergent sample home. Workshop is free but advance registration is appreciated. To register friend/like Birchwood Motel on Facebook and leave your RSVP there.
Chores are so much sweeter under a blue sky, warm sun
and new pergola that looks out to Penobscot Bay

Thursday, June 3, 2010

green before it was cool...

These days just about everybody makes this claim. But Birchwood Motel has long walked the walk. That is until construction around the main house caused a three-year hiatus from our 40+ year history of hanging clean laundry out to dry. But our solar drying days will soon return. Christian Andrus, of Pine Ridge Carpentry, suggested a few years ago our place needed a pergola. Eric, of Birchwood Motel, suggested we combine that idea with the return of the clothesline. Take a peek at the first stage of what will soon be the fanciest clothesline in town, if not the world!
Next year, should we grow grapes on the arbor or hops...I vote for hops!
Why all the effort? Sun-dried linens smell great (begone chemical softeners and dryer sheets!) and the UV rays lend additional bleaching/sanitizing power and all without financial and environmental costs.
Gratitude to Iris E., Creative Endeavors in a Busy Life, for inspiring us to put this plan into action. Please check back in soon. We'll be posting a shot of the line in action and update you on how our new laundry formula from craftingmamalibrarian is working.