Thursday, March 29, 2012

will april sigh?

Who can guess the weather anymore? Last week saw us in tshirts planting early cover crops. And come to think of it, New Year's Day we took a paddle on Penobscot Bay in almost 50 degree weather! But now March ends with us back in wool huddled by the woodstove with snow falling outside.  Fingers — and toes — are crossed for a return to gorgeous. We want to garden!
after much fussing a cold-weather cover crop chosen and set!

Not much skiing this winter. Instead there were lovely walks to favorite spots;
 most locals know this special beach. 
if you stay at Birchwood more than a night, we might tell you, too!

some reading and dreaming in front of the wood-burning stove;
my garden guru always makes great suggestions...can't put this one down

 plenty of shenanigans with our flock of girls (all are now laying!);
“Lucy” knows our naming her proves us more animal lovers than ranchers
plus some cooking;
pumpkin from friend + eggs from our chickens + “healthy” crust recipe

and crafting, too.

crocheted plarn knapsack from upcycled plastic bags, designed & made by Miss e. 
Thank you Common Ground Fair and Waldorf education!

 The longer days outdoors are probably still way ahead. Back to our reading for now.