Monday, March 30, 2009

Put Away the Snow Gear

Saturday was the last hurrah for a big source of local winter fun -- the final day of skiing at Ragged Mountain. Kids -- with packs on backs -- were the first on the lift for the 9am mountain-wide Egg Hunt. The place was loaded with eggs -- enough that the kids could take several runs and still find eggs. Who was responsible for this bounty? Reports of a white creature with fluffy tail and ears could not be verified, however an anonymous source was able to capture this image from the early morning hours:

How the Easter Bunny delivers in Maine!

Last look at Lookout for 2009 season

Incredibly, we're not quite ready to say goodbye to our winter gear. Maybe one last day at Saddleback before the tourist season begins? But then finally away will go the snowpants, helmets, boots and skis in favor of the bikes and the kayaks. We'll pull out the deck chairs, plant the begonias, rake the lawn and hang up our shingle to receive guests at the Birchwood Motel. April is just about here. We're looking forward to catching up with our regular guests and welcoming new folks who want to discover the beauty of our small town and coastal Maine. Call us about our great Spring rates: 207-236-4204.

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