Friday, March 20, 2009

Let the Spring Season Begin!

Just a few weeks ago, March came out like a lion

Welcome Spring Equinox. The sun shines today at the Birchwood Motel in Camden. The days are blessedly longer. Oouf!--the skunks stir. Patches of lawn begin to show through the snow. Signs of change.

Ignore the cynics labeling Equinox as just the kick off to the "fifth season" -- Mud Season. Hang a towel at the back door for muddy paws and boots and look for signs of hope. Signs like: awakening to birdsong; the pup losing her winter coat to the grooming shears; the begonia tubers planted in boxes scattered around the sunny lobby; the hollyhocks greening up our garden; getting the motel rooms ready for the season. All these things call out "Spring is coming."

Hollyhocks on the way

Roxy's new coat

Enjoying the day with a walk along Beauchamp Point

Come see for yourself. Even Camden Maine's "mud season" has its offerings. There's still spring skiing at the Snow Bowl. The 30th Annual St. George River Canoe Race next weekend should be quite a sight. Restaurants and shops are offering great deals. And so are we at the Birchwood Motel. Now is a peaceful time to explore the coast, sight see, hike, shop, dine, relax. Give us a call 207-236-4204 or send us an email and we'll be happy to suggest an itinerary.

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