Saturday, June 4, 2011

Donuts, AGAIN!

June 3 is National Donut Day but for me Donut Day is anytime I pass Willow Street Donuts, Boynton & McKay or Chase's Daily. French & Brawn – our sweet local market in the heart of Camden – is a new addition to my donut list for bringing back the Persian Bun. Locals so lovingly describe this treat from the past that it became a personal quest to find one.

Digging further to find one I'd often hear "Impossible! Only Brad can make the true Persian Bun." Having sampled Brad's other wares at Dot's I added him to the list. I managed an introduction once but Brad artfully dodged my inquiries.

There is some comfort in company. Online research offered up a Persian Bun fan page on Facebook "Friends of the Persian Bun. We will not stop until the first bun is frosted!" 197 likes. Kinship is sweet.

the domesticated Persian Bun in captivity

So we wait for Brad. But on a recent visit to the deli counter at French & Brawn to pick up some Heiwa tofu (Yes, tofu. Try the Maple Glazed Tofu recipe and you will convert.) I passed a new tray in the baked goods section – Persian Buns!!

"Stop it. You're here for tofu." said my left brain. "So? You're hungry now!!" shouted my right. Or maybe all this noise was just my stomach grumbling. Stomach always trumps conscience and so the Persian Bun was bagged. Forced at checkout to announce "Persian Bun" as the contents of my bag another customer commented, "It's the closest thing to the original I've had in a long time."

Never lucky enough to sample an "original" I did find it tasty. I peg this sweet treat as 50% cinnamon bun and 50% fried donut. The frosting was almost too much. Not my favorite but certainly worth a try. And the quest continues...

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  1. I *heart* Brad, who once brought me a delicious bottle of homemade chimmichurri (sp?) at the library! The buns sounds over the top, even for this sweet tooth.