Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Greening your laundry

Announcing Birchwood Motel's new solar dryer — ok, it's a clothesline, but a pretty unique one, huh? To celebrate our return to line drying — construction on the main house caused a 3 year hiatus – Birchwood Motel will offer a "Green Your Laundry" Workshop.
Blogger Iris E. – Creative Endeavors in a Busy Life — will lead the talk/demo at Birchwood on June 23 at 11am. Learn how to make your own laundry detergent, share ideas, save money and lighten your chemical load. All attendees may take a detergent sample home. Workshop is free but advance registration is appreciated. To register friend/like Birchwood Motel on Facebook and leave your RSVP there.
Chores are so much sweeter under a blue sky, warm sun
and new pergola that looks out to Penobscot Bay

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  1. It's not easy being green but you did it in style.
    Jane Reed