Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Extending the season

Some of my favorite local sights –
Eric and the ocean view from Ragged Mountain

People often ask throughout the season,
"Do you close in winter?"
Yes, the standard motel rooms are winterized until the following April BUT...
our apartment rental can be made available to winter guests on a reservation-only basis during events such as the Literary Festival, Camden Conference and the Toboggan Nationals -- please call for details.

"When do you close?"
We close when guests stop coming. The trend is usually a few days before Halloween. It's like someone trips a switch and then ZAP...gone until springtime.

Yet here we are a few days before Halloween with guests still arriving. A big thank you to all for this wonderful extension of our fall season! Maybe it's the weather (arguably) remaining warm and the leaves holding their glorious color. Maybe it's just luck. Or maybe people realize our beautiful fall season now rivals summer. See for yourself with a these images from our roving photographer e.j. simon:

gratuitous puppy snap

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