Friday, August 21, 2009

Just a wanderin'

A trip up Beach Road/Rt. 173 is just about a perfect drive in almost any season. This beautiful back country road winds through historic Liberty Village. Stop for a tshirt from Liberty Graphics -- an ecologically and socially responsible business since the 1970s. I nabbed an organic cotton tshirt printed with water-based soy ink for a mere $5 from the seconds bin. Not much more will get you a first-run shirt, priced at an affordable $15. The store's charming interior is reason enough to visit. The high quality Maine-made products are reason enough to shop.

sweet liberty

Great buys can also be had across the street at Liberty Tool/Grandma's attic. Our big scores — wooden clogs, costume jewelry and an old tinted Ball jar for seaglass. Overheard on this recent visit, a tweenage boy declaring to his friend "Dude, I told you this was THE COOLEST store, Dude!"

Head out of town toward Rt. 3, bang a left, and drive on to John's Ice Cream (see previous post). Look for his flag a bit past Lake. St. George (water is COLD but its a pretty spot to sit and eat ice cream). Our fave summer flavors are anything with seasonal berries, Lemon Custard and Peach.

Drive along the opposite side of the lake to hit the Appleton Ridge. This is inland Maine at its most lovely – blueberry barrens, rolling hills, the occasional pond or lake. Drive this especially in the fall for completely spectacular views. Too bad for me the camera battery died. So much to capture on such a beautiful day. Oh well.

Since the day was hot, we walked in to a secluded local swimming hole, picking and eating blueberries along the way. Full of John's and blueberries its a wonder we could still float. Cattails, evergreens and calling birds were our only other companions. Just lovely.

wild Maine blueberries

105 towards Hope returned us home to Camden. We couldn't pass up the Hope General Store and its unbelievable selection of beer (over 100 varieties), like the locally brewed Sheepscot Ale. And just across the way you'll spot Pine Ridge Carpentry – the fellas responsible for Birchwood Motel's gorgeous new main house facade.

home sweet home – thanks, Pine Ridge Carpentry!

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