Thursday, July 16, 2009

Making Hay

There just isn't time to post lately. Not a complaint, just a happy and grateful fact to be busy with the Birchwood's summer guests. 

last strawberries and first blueberry!

The last garden strawberries are here. Guests have enjoyed this addition to the continental breakfast we serve each morning.  And what's not to like about complimentary homegrown strawberries in a fresh fruit salad along with buttery danish; fresh-squeezed o.j.; tea and our good strong coffee from Rock City Roast (organic, fair trade and locally roasted!)? 

Not far off are blueberries and raspberries and then, finally, luscious blackberries. All the berries are grown right here in the motel gardens. This is quite a feat considering June's weather – long periods of rain and fog coupled with relentless beetle and slug attacks!

Birchwood Motel's first cherry

Maybe next year cherries will make it on the menu. Our dear little cherry tree produced two cherries this year! Also on deck for 2010 are this year's garden additions: cranberries and elderberry. A year or two beyond our apples, pears and peaches should begin to fruit. Gardening and innkeeping sure makes time fly.

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