Saturday, May 16, 2009

Good local eats

I'm in the mood for steak, simply because its near me.
If you're in the mood, Peter Ott's is one terrific restaurant.

Warm atmosphere, yummy food, lovely waitress I could trust. Yet, maybe not at first because she suggested I try the calamari appetizer. Calamari appetizer? Sounds boring, typical.

"You should. It's really fresh." she said. And it was. Very light, crispy, in a minimal batter that showcased the extremely fresh fish. 

Entrées include salad bar. Uh oh. Salad bar. Trust issues again. But then I saw that instead of the typical iceberg disaster there were lovely mixed greens, homemade beets with a light hint of cinnamon (YUM!) and a lot of other fresh vegetable choices. All the dressings were clearly homemade. Eric chose blue cheese (decadent and excellent). My choice was parmesan peppercorn. Both were terrific.

On to dinner. Should have brought the camera because my meal was a vision. Like I said, I wanted a great steak, and the menu had several choices. Menu envy set in so I requested the chef decide for me by cooking his favorite, medium rare. My plate held a perfectly cooked sirloin with a velvety dijon sauce and caramelized onions. Eric chose the duck breast and e. also a sirloin. Everyone was more than happy.

Somehow we all fit in dessert. Some local restaurants are feeding us stuff from the food service truck. Not Peter Otts. All homemade. Blueberry pie was already sold out. Bummer. But oh my goodness, warm gingerbread cake with caramel sauce. The chocolate mousse was also delightful but we kept going back to the cake. Oh my goodness! Wait, did I already say oh my goodness? 

Please support responsibly run, local chef-owned, restaurants like Peter Otts. Our guests at the Birchwood Motel often ask for our dining recommendations and Peter Otts is now on the list.

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